Terhi Nordic 6020

Terhi Nordic 6020

The friend of many fishermen. Terri Nordic has received praise for its high sides and exceptional stability, which makes embarking safe. The open space in the middle of the boat makes it good for fishing, and a corf has been fitted as standard. Suited also for transfers to and from the summer house.

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Nordic 6020 is a seaworthy and popular all-round boat with extraordinarily good ‘work boat’ capabilities. The boat has received thanks for its high freeboard and utmost stability, making the boat very secure and safe to use for boaters of all ages. This also makes the Nordic 6020 optimal as a commuter’s boat. Anglers highly praise Nordic 6020 for its open middle deck area, which makes it safer to move about in the boat while fishing. The boat even has a fish chest with drainage, to hold all your catch, as standard.

Terhi Nordic 6020

Terhi Nordic 6020

462 cm
187 cm
225 kg
Number of passengers
10-15 hp
Maximum recommended engine weight
80 kg
Estimated top speed with two persons
21 kn
Transom height
Unsinkable construction
Steering console
HST / additional
Acrylic / additional

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I am very pleased with the exceptional qualities of the boat.

Victor Petrescu / 11.3.2017

First I want to say that I bought the boat Terhi Nordic 6020 2015 from Sweden, sailed with her on calm waters and waters with waves large, very stable, slides fast with an engine 20 horsepower Yamaha four stroke, space for keeping records is particularly useful and can remove water through the communicating vessels principle is a brilliant idea. Exceptional moments I spent with this boat is very strong, but contrary to what is said keel boat gets scratched quite easily, even if you pull ashore on the sand. Very easy to clean thanks to the drainage, I depozitato winter on peridoc. High stability and high curbs give you a sense of security not found in this class of boats. For protection every year a waxed exterior and interior. Use a hard wax with Teflon. Highly recommended this boat. ABS material it is made boat is the best material from which to make a boat at the moment, of course eliminating carbon fiber which is very expensive. Thank you dear team at Terhi boats.