Boat models

The boat of your life.

TerhiTec Oy is one of the Nordics' largest boat manufacturers. During the past 44 years TerhiTec has produced more than 200 000 boats in the small fishing parish of Rymättylä in the South-western part of Finland. 

The Finnsish Terhi boats are made out of two separate ABS-plastic shells, which are vacuum formed under immensly high temperatures. The space in-between the two shells is then filled with a non-absorbent polyurethane foam. This sandwich construction makes the Terhi boats not only unsinkable, but very long-lived and remarkably safe to use. The ABS-plastic is extremely shock and weather proof, and thus perfect for boats. The high finish and our attention to details sets us apart from many other row and motor boat manufacturers. 


The variety of Terhi row boats is wide, which means that you can most likely find a suitable boat for your own needs. A Terhi ABS-boat is a safe choice for the whole family; it is unbelievable shock proof and resistant, and it maintains its value for much longer than other similar boats. The boats are extremely stable and easy to maintain, and the high finish is in its own class compared to other boat manufacturers.


Terhi motorboats are available in various sizes, with steering either by tiller or from a steering console. Usage varies depending on the model, and you can most likely find a model that suits exactly your needs. Use them as access boats, for fishing or leisure rides, it's up to you.

Terhi is a safe choice for the whole family, as it is extremely stable, shock proof, easy to maintain and very resistant. The high finish sets the Terhis apart from many other competitors and makes boating thoroughly enjoyable.

Electric boats

eTerhi boats that are powered by the sun. The Torqeedo Travel electric outboards can be charged either via normal electric sockets or with the help of the solar panel that come as standard.
Enjoy silent, ecological and effortless boating. 

Note! The eTerhi packages are for the time being only built with the Torqeedo Travel 603 and 1103 models.