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New rowboat from Finnish Terhi

For the upcoming season of 2023, Finnish boat manufacturer TerhiTec is launching a new rowboat model that is directionally stable as well as utterly comfortable and easy to row. It also drives well with a small combustion outboard engine or an electric outboard. The newcomer, which goes under model name Terhi 390, is the long-awaited successor to the Terhi 385, a long-standing favorite in the Terhi rowboat range, which was produced for over 40 years and in well over 40,000 units. The new Terhi 390’s pure white hull color and carefully designed details are, apart from its ease of rowing, the novelty’s biggest assets, and we believe Terhi 390 will be at least as successful as its predecessor. Terhi 390 will be premiered at the Helsinki Vene23 boat show in February 2023.

Some of the greatest advantages of the new Terhi 390 are its incredibly light and easy rowing, as well as its great directional stability. Special attention has also been paid to the rower's ergonomics. The boat can be rowed from either the middle bench or the bow seat, and the deck of the boat has been fitted with footrests for rowers of different lengths in order to find a comfortable rowing position. The movability of the middle bench also helps in finding a rowing position that suits each rower. There are new practical small gaps on the top of the stern transom for the oar blades, making it convenient to lift the oars in a resting position when taking a break from rowing. Other improvements include an optional tow bar for the bow, which makes it easier to tow the boat to shore - especially usable if the boat is stored towed onto the shore/beach. The boat's broadsides are slightly higher than in its predecessor, so safety is also somewhat improved. The new Terhi 390 is of course also rainwater draining. An optional leaf strainer can be purchased for the bottom drainage outlet, which effectively prevents the outlet from getting clogged. There is also a draining tube/outlet on the transom of the boat to ensure that rainwater is drained from the boat even when it is towed ashore.

In addition to being easily rowable, Terhi 390 also drives well with a small outboard engine. To the stern transom one can choose to mount either a traditional combustion outboard engine or an electric outboard. In case the consumer opts for an electric outboard, a separate solar panel can be installed onto the boat’s standardly fitted middle bench, enabling the battery to be charged with the help of solar power. The new Terhi 390 can be fitted with either the eTerhi 390 kit for Torqeedo’s electric outboard engine or with the Solar kit for an electric outboard engine that requires an external battery.

The use of electronics in boats is increasing, both for fishing purposes and due to the increase of electric outboard engines. For this reason, we have already during the design process taken into consideration where the potential battery/batteries can be placed. On the new Terhi 390, the Terhi battery box can be placed in four different places - under the bow seat, under the middle bench, under the stern bench or between the stern bench and the transom. A cable duct runs from the middle seat to the stern seat, allowing the battery to easily be placed under the middle seat. Without the battery box, the battery can also be placed inside the new optional seat/storage box, which can be mounted instead of the standardly fitted middle bench in plywood. Using the optional bow engine mounting plate (available as add-on) the Terhi 390 can easily be fitted with a bow engine, and as the battery can be conveniently placed inside the bow seat, there will be less hassle regarding cables.

The new 390 has more storage capacity than its predecessor. There is a lockable storage space under the stern bench, which can be fully enclosed by fitting a bulkhead on the front and back side of the bench. The stern seat bulkheads are sold as optional accessories. There are also two open compartments on the rear sides, suited for anchor and mooring lines. Under the front seat is also a generous storage space with a front bulkhead as standard. Terhi 390 is also available with a brand-new optional accessory, a rotationally molded spacious seat/storage box, which can be placed as a middle bench instead of the standardly fitted bench out of plywood. The seat/storage box is removable, lockable and can also accommodate a standard 110 AH battery. A small storage compartment and cup holder on the surface of the seat add to the usability, as your water bottle and cell phone are well within reach at all times. There is also a drainage tube for condensation water on the front side of the seat box. Both the new seat/storage box and the standardly fitted traditional middle bench, can be attached to three different mounting points, one of which has a locking option.

The new Terhi 390 will be manufactured in white, green and orange. The interior hull is white in all three versions. The novelty will be premiered in stand 6h48 at the Helsinki Vene23 boat show in February 2023.


Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 3,8 m
  • Width: 1,5 m
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Engine recommendation: max. 6 hp
  • Carrying capacity (people): 4
  • Design category: D
  • Max. recommended engine weight: 27 kg
  • Height of transom: Short

For a comprehensive list of optional accessories, please refer to the Terhi 390 product card on our website.

Photos of the new Terhi 390 for press purposes can be downloaded from the following link: 



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