Covers & Canopies

Find the right stern, storage or harbor canopy for you Terhi. The various canopies shelters passengers and the boat from rain and wind, and in best case they help you prolong the boating season in the spring and autumn. Also remember to correctly cover your boat while in the harbour or stored up on dry land.

Note: The canopies and covers are not meant for winter storage outside. As the boating season ends in the autumn, the fabric parts of the covers/canopies should be removed and stored in a dry and warm place. If stored in colder spaces moisture can gather on the surface of the fabric and this in turn makes it possible for mold to develop. The canopy frames are nog designed to withstand the weight of snow, so do not use the frames as supporting beam for any winter storage covers.

All Terhi accessories and spareparts can be bought via your local dealer.

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