Terhi launches new flagship model.

For the upcoming season of 2016 Terhi has designed a new ABS-boat, with which the whole
family can travel safely and comfortably sheltered from breezes and water splashes. The Terhi
475 BR model completes the Terhi boat collection in the popular double-console segment. The
novelty model, designed and manufactured in Finland, is especially suited for recreational use
and transfers from one place to another.

The New Terhi 475 BR is a just under five meter long double-console boat. The two steering consoles,
which have been placed further in the front, together with a steady two-part middle door, offer the driver,
co-driver and the passengers in the back effective shelter from wind. The aft area has been furbished
with two fully padded comfort seats and a wide stern bench, comfortably seating altogether five adults.
Behind the stern bench a canopy storage compartment is located as standard, housing the stern canopy
which covers the whole stern area in case of rain.

The boat’s steering consoles have been designed with the consumer in mind. The consoles incorporate
storage compartments for small items and drinking bottle, and the driver’s console has a designated spot
for a chartplotter. The consoles have also been equipped with an electricity output and two lockable
glove compartments. The rest of the storage compartments are also well-planned and thought-out: the
bow has an anchor box and a bow storage compartment, and the stern encompasses rope boxes, a wide
storage area underneath the stern bench as well as the stern canopy compartment as mentioned above.
As usual, all storage except the rope boxes are possible to lock.

The sporty 475 BR hull is constructed out of a triple layer of ABS-plastic, and the voids in-between
the layers are densely filled with non-absorbent polyurethane foam. This makes for an extremely safe
and practically unsinkable boat. ABS-plastic is easy to maintain and keep clean, it endures impacts and
withstands wear and tear.

The new Terhi 475 BR comes with high sides, an even flooring and plenty of open bow space. Abundant
rails ensure safety on board in all weathers. Offering vast spaces and many clever details, the novelty
475 Bow Rider suits for example consumers in need of a boat for recreational use, for fishing or for transporting
bags, packing and other belongings. In the bow a sun mattress can be installed using the bow seat
and add-ons – by removing the paddings the plain surface can just as well be used for spin fishing.

The new Terhi 475 BR simultaneously brings practicality and style to a level prior rarely seen in this
price and size category. Terhi 475 BR will be shown at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in Germany in January
2016, and it will be officially launched in February 2016 during the Helsinki Vene16 Boat Show. This
novelty model is expected to be the new flagship model of the Terhi model range.

Technical information  
Length 4,75 m
Width 1,85 m
Weight 390 kg
Capacity (persons) 5
Biggest load allowed 405 kg
Depth 0,28 m
Engine recommendation 40 - 60 hp
Max. recommended engine weight 115 kg
CE-design categor C


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